Self-Deprecation on Hiatus

I just published my first book. I realize that the hardest part of being a writer is what comes now: marketing. I’m not a salesperson. I’ve never liked trying to sell. I’ve always believed that if something is worth buying, people will buy it. I know that is not true, especially when it comes to writing, but I have an innate distaste for the whole process of things being sold. If the product is so great, why do you have to come to my door to sell it when millions of other products are flying off the shelves (virtual and otherwise) all by themselves? The very notion of a salesperson seems contradictory to me.

I wrote a good book. I wrote a book that I would enjoy reading. Because I am a new writer, I priced it well under its worth at $.99 (for 55 poems). I told my friends and family when it was released and I asked a few of them for their criticism. I understand that this is only the beginning of a long process, but I am uncomfortable with the tasks that lie ahead. I want to be working on my next book. I want to use my energy toward creativity, not capitalism.

But I guess this is growing up, and although the process of self-promotion is more apparent in a writer’s career, it is not absent from others. We are all selling ourselves to someone or something, whether for money or otherwise. And frankly, if I have to sell a product, myself is a damn good one. So here goes. (“Now How Much Would You Pay?!”)

The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty Tumbler is now available at Barnes and (for the nook or free nook reading apps for computers and devices) and on (for the Kindle or free Kindle reader apps).

This is a collection of 55 poems, none of which will remind you of literature class. It’s reminiscent of the beat generation, with heavy focus on emotion and sound instead of landscapes and secret codes (although, a watchful eye might find some hidden messages). My work is more Seussian than most contemporary literature and more fun than most historic literature. I write the way I like to read. I hope you like it too.

It’s only $.99. Treat yourself.

… seriously, it’s fun. and it’s damn good.

The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty Tumbler – Barnes and Noble $.99

The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty Tumbler – Amazon $.99

Now I’m going to scrub my skin with a brillo pad.


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