So is life.

“Aren’t those just a waste of paper nowadays? Isn’t that just extra pollution?” she responded when I said I still subscribed to some “real” (versus internet) magazines.

My first problem with her reply: I’m not really sure that any energy we use in America is all that “clean” or “guilt free”. I think we should be limiting our consumption in more ways than our paper trails, because coal is not without its faults.

My second problem: So is life. This is all just one big waste of energy, without purpose or meaning or use, so should we all just kill ourselves? You decide which ways you most like to waste your energy and then you try to enjoy the destructive process that is time.

We should do our best to decrease. For some people, that means getting rid of the subscriptions to magazines they do not love; but for others, those magazines are the equivalent to an iphone or television set: sure, we could live without them, but they are farther up our lists than many items at the top of someone else’s. Everybody’s list is different, and until we are fighting for food and water, let’s be conscious of our glass houses.

All consumption is sin. “Morality” means being aware of that and striving to do better than is presently done. So stfu and get off my Juxtapoz.


Say it. Don't spay it.

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