Revel Revel, My Face Is a Mess

Books, Birds, What's the diff?

I make. I hate. I remake. I love. I hate. I remake. Ad infinitum.

I’ve finally reached a “love” point on that wheel. I may not be as great as the New York Times Bestselling Author, Snookie, but I made something awesome and I’m totally proud of it. I get these brief waves of astonishment that I did it and it’s done. Then these deep ripples of honor when I hear that others like it. I’m sure it won’t last long before I return to self-doubt and insecurity, but while it does I’m going to revel in it. !!!!


2 responses to “Revel Revel, My Face Is a Mess

  1. Beautiful! I love that piece. Revel as much as you can! Matter of fact, hook your self up to an IV of honor, accomplishment, self-love (HAS). Leave it in until the IV drips no more. Then, when you start to go through the inevitable withdrawals, you’ll need to get your next HAS fix. Thus begins the cycle of creation, all over again.

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