When Dramamine Isn’t Enough

Reasons I need a break from reality/Causes of my mental breakdown: Fullerton cops, Jasper dragging, Cheshire trial, cannibal woman, Troy Davis’ death, GOP debates, the bleakconomy, bullies, veterans, those Humane Society commercials…

Sometimes I just can’t stomach the facts. I always return to search for them, though, like a crack whore escaping from rehab to find her abusive pimp/dealer. The truth breaks my heart and I keep coming back for more. But right now, if I don’t (further) quarantine myself for a little while, I’m going to end up crouched in a padded corner, rocking back and forth and singing “In the Still of the Night” with my eyes squeezed shut. Again. So I’m going to try to kick the habit, at least until I’m brave enough to relapse again. In the meantime, I’ll be writing and arting and blowing heart shaped bubbles.


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