What People Are Saying

Reviews of The Hole Between Mine and Yours:

“‘Poetry?’ I thought to myself, ‘Pah.’ Then I read it, and it knocked my socks off. I loved it.”
-Simon John Cox on simonjohncox.com or Amazon.co.uk

“The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty Tumbler by Christina Grey is the first poetry collection that’s really forced me to think in quite some time.”
-Leslea Tash on Goodreads

“This poetry is thoughtful and personal. There are about 50 poems here, some short and to the point, some longer and almost chant-like, some a bit steamy, some quite subtle, and almost always thought-provoking. I found myself backtracking at times and saying oh, I see what you did there, nice. ”
-Reader (“Spanky Chinaski”) on Amazon

“There was nothing bad about it, but which poem was about me?”
-The author’s sister

“I can’t figure out how to buy it.”
-The author’s mother

“Absolutely best collection of verses I have ever purchased or seen in my entire life. Really profound poetry in here. Great job by this author.”
-Amazon review by the author’s father

“Can I get some of your acid?”
-The author’s uncle

“Did she just rap?”
-An eavesdropper in the hotel lobby


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